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GMP signs Fair Employment pledge

We are proud to announce that GMP has signed a pledge to practice and support fair employment practices. We are now one of more than 4000 companies in Singapore who advocate and observe non-discriminatory employment practices. As HR practitioners, we know the value and need of providing equal opportunities for all.

Research has shown that more diverse groups tend to out-perform homogenous groups. And with the current tight labour market, what sets a business apart from the rest is diversity - diversity that transcends age, gender, marital status, ethnicity and religion. It even embraces creative ideas and innovative thought. Having such HR practices will ensure the attraction of the best talent.

GMP is built upon its people. If you have the right attitude and aptitude to be among the best in the field, we'd like to invite you to be part of our success and growth, and to take a shot at a career with us.




Telemarketing Specialist (Full Time / Part Time)


Staffing Consultant / Specialist


A supportive boss and a pro-family work environment help in balancing my time between work and family, while the company’s flexibility allows me to be more productive.

Eileen Cheok, Senior Manager, The GMP Group

I'm very appreciative of my supportive colleagues and understanding boss. Work is important, but we all recognise that there are also other obligations that we have to attend to at certain times.

Tan Wai Peng, Senior Staffing Consultant, The GMP Group

The understanding management and growth opportunities that I have here are enough to keep me growing with the organisation. There is no push factor for me to leave.

Eve Lim, General Manager, The GMP Group