As one of GMP’s longest serving staff, Eve Lim knows how challenging it is to be able to divide time between work and family. And being a medium sized enterprise and trying to develop a business requires dedication, determination and sometimes, long hours at work.

Management support is crucial. Studies have shown that employees who worry less in their personal lives are more likely to be engaged and productive at work. Work life balance plays a part in attracting and retaining key talent as well.

Acknowledging the demanding industry she is in, Eve appreciates the pro- family values and work- life balance GMP advocates. While working with GMP, she had the chance to start a family and is now a proud mother of two.

She is also grateful for support from a company that allows her to balance career and family, allowing her to maximise her talents.

Despite having a degree in business administration, she was exposed to a range of industries such as banking and finance and industrial services. Taking on diverse portfolios has helped her gain insight into the different fields and provided her with opportunities to grow professionally. Her unwavering efforts and positive attitude has also served her well in her development.

Today, Eve is the General Manager at GMP, overseeing all operational activities of the company.

“The understanding management and growth opportunities that I have here are enough to keep me growing with the organisation. There is no push factor for me to leave.”

Eve Lim, General Manager
The GMP Group