For many mothers, some may be forced to choose between family obligations and work responsibilities. However at GMP, where pro-family values are strongly advocated, working mothers do not have that tough dilemma to face. Pro-family practices are embraced by management – one of the ways which this is demonstrated is through office gatherings where family members and children are encouraged to participate.

This was a big draw to Eileen, who was at that time a mother of a two-year-old boy, and HR executive, who joined GMP in April 2008. Also, the flexibility the managers practiced helped many mothers in GMP efficiently balance work and family obligations. They are also not excluded from any prospects for professional development or career advancement.

“Having been in GMP for eight years now, I’m very happy that I have been given the opportunity to attend many training courses and seminars to improve myself,” said Eileen. Now a Senior Manager, she has not only gained more in-depth knowledge in her field of work, but also the confidence as a fellow advisor to GMP consultants on HR matters.


“A supportive boss and a pro-family work environment help in balancing my time between work and family, while the company’s flexibility allows me to be more productive.”

Eileen Cheok, Senior Manager
The GMP Group