What’s more important than a fat paycheck?

Let's face it. Money matters.


But when it comes to success in your career, money should not be a primary concern – there are more important things than salary. The intrinsic value of relevant work experience and qualifications, the right skills, and in-depth knowledge can greatly influence your compensation package.


So what’s better than a fat paycheck?


Work-life balance

Time can be invested but never bought. Having a good work-life balance allows you time for family and leisurely pursuits without sacrificing work obligations. According to a survey by Ernst & Young conducted 2012, work-life balance was ranked first among public and private sector employees. Salary was ranked third.


Career progression

You should not switch jobs just for a small pay increment. If it does not add value to your career progression, chances are, you would probably be caught in a vicious cycle of stagnating pay and your career coming to a standstill. Pay will usually commensurate with an established track record at work, and your valuable contribution to the organisation.


Working in the right organisation

There is not point working in an organisation that offers you top dollar but zero opportunities to develop professionally and personally. A great employer would have good corporate culture, shares your values, helps you to achieve your personal and organisation’s goals, and treats you with respect. Working in the right company also keeps you motivated and productive.


Having the right attitude

Having the right attitude at work not only keeps team dynamics and work relationships harmonious, you will also be happier, and more engaged to do great work. And with great work comes great rewards – especially if you work in the right company that recognises your efforts.  


A good network

Often, the best job opportunities often come from people you know. Building a good network within and beyond the office with the right people can offer great prospects. The more people who think how you good you are, the more they would provide skills, tips, share contacts and resources, and endorse you to others.