Advantages of Hiring Through Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

While hiring in-house HR related staffs helps in hiring the right candidate to fill vacancies, outsourcing recruitment agencies offers many advantages to companies too. Below are the benefits of engaging recruitment agencies in Singapore for your recruitment needs.

Outsourced recruiters are equipped with knowledge of the market

Professional recruiters will always keep their fingers on the pulse of their specialised market or industry. As sourcing talents and recruiting the right ones are their bread and butter, they know where to find the available talent pool, their expected salary, available skillsets and more. More often than not, when a company tells them their requirements and the responsibilities of a vacancy, an experienced recruiter is able to match the right candidate for the vacancy too. Moreover, recruiters are very used to doing passive search of talents. When the right and experienced candidates are not searching for jobs when you have vacancies, recruiters are able to find their profiles and do cold calling to the candidate. Even when the candidates are not active in searching for jobs, recruitment agencies have their own talent pool and are able to convince and connect them with their professionalism.

Recruiters from recruitment agencies help with many hiring processes

Whenever you are advertising for a job vacancy, chances are there are many applicants applying for that. It is time consuming filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with the candidates. You might want to try talking to each of them so as not to miss out on the best candidate, however you might want to save your time by outsourcing these tasks to recruitment agencies. The good thing is, recruitment agencies have done pre-filtering and assessing of job seekers for you. When you interview the candidates, they are cream of the crop and are the ones worthy of consideration.

Recruitment agencies save money and increase productivity

Engaging recruitment agencies is definitely more money-saving as compared to hiring in-house recruiters. Also, it saves time of management as they do not have to go through the long hiring process (going through resumes, filtering, assessing, contacting and scheduling interviews) but are able to go straight to the interviews and decide whether or not the candidate suits the position.

In short, there are many advantages of getting recruitment agencies to help you with your recruitment process. What you need to do is doing some simple research on the right recruitment agency and engage with the right party. Contact us for better service today!